GfK Verein and GfK SE

GfK Verein and  GfK SE

With its 56.46 percent stake, the GfK Verein is GfK SE’s majority shareholder. As a responsible majority shareholder, the GfK Verein is committed to enhancing the value of the company in a sustainable fashion. The roles of these two organizations are, however, separate. As a non-profit organization, the GfK Verein is committed to fostering market research, while GfK SE focuses on the collection of market, brand and product-specific insights. The two institutions supplement one another: The GfK Verein benefits from its cooperation with GfK SE in the form of practical knowledge, such as current market developments and needs. GfK SE uses the GfK Verein’s research findings as background knowledge when it advises clients or develops new instruments and solutions.