GfK Verein and GfK SE

GfK Verein and  GfK SE

Alongside its work as a think tank, the GfK Verein focuses on its function as a majority shareholder of GfK SE. With its partner KKR, it has found an investor with international expertise and significant experience in the market research industry and digitalization. Moreover GfK Verein and KKR agreed among others on cornerstones of the equal partnership.

With its 56.46 percent stake, the GfK Verein is GfK SE’s majority shareholder. Currently Acceleratio Capital N.V., a holding company with funds advised by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. (together with the connected company KKR) is holding the shares – according to the announcement of March 30, 2017, where the exclusion of minority shareholders from the provision of cash compensation (a squeeze-out) had been introduced. All shares were temporarily transferred to Acceleratio Capital N.V. This means that GfK Verein did not sell its shares but rather made them available for a fixed period through the shares being loaned out.

Acceleratio currently holds 35,285,787 shares in GfK, which represents 96.7 percent of share capital and of voting rights. The cooperation of KKR and GfK Verein (in relation to GfK SE) as a partnership has not been subject to change due to this temporary transfer.

Investor Relations of GfK SE