Faces of the GfK Verein

As a think tank for market research, the GfK Verein relies on the innovativeness and commitment of its team. Its employees are characterized by diverse qualifications and specialist knowledge.


Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner is the managing director and vice president of the GfK Verein. Deputy Managing Director is Dr. Andreas Neus.
Petra Gelsen and Helen Streilein work in as personal assistants.

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Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Team develops studies and compiles GfK publications with current market research findings related to consumption and consumers.

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Fundamental Research

The main task facing GfK'’s Fundamental Research department is to assess current trends of potential relevance to consumer research and marketing, or which will become relevant in the near future. The process involves pioneering statistical approaches, theoretical models

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GfK Marketing Intelligence Review

The GfK Marketing Intelligence Review (GfK MIR) is the Marketing magazine of GfK Verein directed at managers and market research professionals who are interested in new insight and methods of Marketing Research.

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Future and University Programs

The Future and University Programs team examines the impact of trends like digitalization, reduced transaction costs and the transformation from consumer to a more active "prosumer" on the future of markets and market mechanisms.

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PR & Communication

The Public Relations and Communications Department is the first place to go for questions about the GfK Verein. Our employees can provide information on things such as study results and the latest fundamental research news.

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GfK Academy

The GfK Academy offers seminars with renowned lecturers on all relevant marketing topics for market researchers and marketing experts.

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