Getting around in the future

November 2017

When the writers of Back to the Future Part II presented their vision of life in 2015 almost 30 years ago, flying cars naturally featured. Today, this future is already in the past and, in reality, flying cars are no more than prototypes. Widespread use is not looking likely as too many technical issues simply remain unresolved. However, one thing...

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01. December 2017

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In June 2012, Spiegel Online published an article entitled “Who would buy a taxi without wheels?” (“Wer kauft ein Taxi ohne Räder?”) ahead of the flying taxi from The Fifth Element being up for auction. In this sci-fi story by French director Luc Besson, flying taxis are whirring around between the skyscrapers in his city of the future. The flying taxi was flown by actor Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas. It is not known how much the new owner paid for this piece, but it was certainly not bought as a mode of transport, as it is not just lacking wheels, but also an engine, which is rather essential! Flying drone taxis are one of the future scenarios presented to respondents in different countries by a recent GfK study. Read our latest Focus Topic to learn more about the extent to which people can envisage using autonomous air-taxis and other mobility concepts in the future.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


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Manfred Carsten/ Fashion shopping online

October 2017

Manfred Carsten, head of E-Commerce at Betty Barclay Group, talks about the conflict area of physical and online stores as well as about crucial elements behind successful online operations in the fashion industry.

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