Get started with electric cars

March 2017

What do Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner and Brad Pitt all have in common? Of course, they are all famous actors and have spent years in front of the camera. But what most people don’t know is that they have all owned an electric car at some point or still own one today. Many stars – not just those in Hollywood either – prefer this quieter...

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01. March 2017

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Two-phase electric power is one of 700 discoveries made by Nikola Tesla, a Serbian genius, inventor, electrical engineer and physicist. According to the website, his inventions laid the foundations of our modern industrial society. His life is both fascinating and tragic in equal parts (e.g. Geo magazine: “Nikola Tesla: Das betrogene Genie”) as he was far less clever when it came to financial matters and was always swindled out of the fruits of his labor by his contemporaries. And yet, a monument of sorts was created in his honor in 2003. Tesla became the namesake of a US company with the aim of manufacturing superior electric cars for a broad audience. In Germany too, things are on the move in the matter of electric mobility. Its promotion is a declared aim of industry and politics. You can read about how enthusiastic German drivers are already at present about electric cars in our latest Focustopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Population in Europe ...

... and more valuable statistic. Under the heading Outlinedata you will find helpful links to sources of facts and figures relating to society and consumption. In our GfK Sectordata you will find selected publications of GfK for downloading.

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Anja Buerke/ Consumer Confusion

November 2016

In this Blitzinterview, Dr. Anja Buerke talks about her book, in which she identifies the common influencing factors which overwhelm consumers when they intend to buy sustainable products.

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