Totally on trend – consumption in Germany

June 2017

In any given household, anywhere in Germany, just after the alarm clock goes off: While he jumps in the shower, she sets the table for breakfast. Protein bread bought yesterday is a must to give an extra health and energy boost. She prepares a vegetarian snack of tofu and bean sprouts for her lunch to take to work. Later on, she will meticulously...

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06. June 2017

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“Is it possible to generate clean energy simply by painting a wall? A research team at the RMIT University in Melbourne posed this question and discovered the answer: The wall paint they recently developed absorbs water vapor and splits it into hydrogen and oxygen, all by itself.” This quote is from the energy section of the Trends der Zukunft [Trends of the Future] website – a trend magazine which reports daily on news and innovations from across the world. The environment section includes an article on the world’s largest vertical garden. Located in Bogotá, the aim of this project is to introduce more green areas in the Colombian capital, where lack of space is a key issue. It remains to be seen whether this will become a trend and whether, in future, we will be used to seeing gardens soaring into the sky. One thing is for sure: these developments, which were regarded as avant-garde only recently, have now become a part of our everyday lives. You can read more about which consumer trends have been particularly well received by Germans over the last five years in the latest FocusTopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Population in Europe ...

... and more valuable statistic. Under the heading Outlinedata you will find helpful links to sources of facts and figures relating to society and consumption. In our GfK Sectordata you will find selected publications of GfK for downloading.

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Bernd Rosenbichler / e-mobility

May 2017

Bernd Rosenbichler, Vice President Brand Portfolio Strategy, Market Research, Competition at BMW Group, talks about enthusiasm and barriers for e-mobility as well as the longer-term future of electric cars.

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