Who does Europe trust?

April 2017

Anybody looking for the definition of trust will find plenty of answers online: Among other things, political scientists and sociologists question how institutions gain our trust, economics tries to sound out confidence-building measures with regards to entrepreneurial success and psychology takes on the question of how trust can be built up, for...

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01. April 2017

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In 2015, the VW Group lost billions of euros as a result of the emissions scandal (source:; 22 April 2016). Despite this, the financial consequences for the group are manageable. All in all, the 2016 balance sheet showed profits of €5.4 million (source:; 14 March 2017). However, looking past euros and cents, trust in the automotive industry has been dealt a significant blow. This is according to the current GfK Trust Study. Just how long it takes to win back lost trust can be seen from the examples of banks and insurance companies which, ten years after the financial crisis, still rank at the bottom of trustworthiness ratings in Germany. You can read more about trust among Germans and other European citizens with regard to various sectors of the economy in the latest Focustopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Population in Europe ...

... and more valuable statistic. Under the heading Outlinedata you will find helpful links to sources of facts and figures relating to society and consumption. In our GfK Sectordata you will find selected publications of GfK for downloading.

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Anja Buerke/ Consumer Confusion

November 2016

In this Blitzinterview, Dr. Anja Buerke talks about her book, in which she identifies the common influencing factors which overwhelm consumers when they intend to buy sustainable products.

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