The challenges facing the world

October 2017

A shrinking economy, political crises and weak job prospects are just a few of the issues occupying the minds of people all around the world. Depending on country of origin, respondents’ answers vary quite considerably with regard to the most important challenges facing the world today: In countries such as Nigeria, Indonesia and Russia, falling...

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02. October 2017

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As hotel employee Vincent Onele claims: “Things are more expensive, rent is high, food is high. Everything has increased and yet the staff salary has remained the same.” This complaint came in a report by “Sandtown chronicles” in January 2016 on the situation in Nigeria. Vincent’s compatriots seem to agree with him. After all, in the latest GfK study on “Global Challenges”, 67% of Nigerian respondents named price and purchase power development as the country’s most pressing issue in need of a solution. No other country included in the survey is as unanimous on what the most urgent problem facing politicians in their respective country is. However, there are key challenges everywhere, and they are diverse in nature. The latest FocusTopic lifts the lid on the issues that are providing cause for concern to people in different countries all around the world.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Population in Europe ...

... and more valuable statistic. Under the heading Outlinedata you will find helpful links to sources of facts and figures relating to society and consumption. In our GfK Sectordata you will find selected publications of GfK for downloading.

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Bernd Rosenbichler / e-mobility

May 2017

Bernd Rosenbichler, Vice President Brand Portfolio Strategy, Market Research, Competition at BMW Group, talks about enthusiasm and barriers for e-mobility as well as the longer-term future of electric cars.

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