Values: Security still in first place

January 2018

Are you someone who rings in the New Year with special traditions? Taking a dip in the freezing water of the Baltic or the North Sea on New Year’s Day? Perhaps you attend a New Year’s concert or work off the Christmas calories with a long walk? Many of us find ourselves looking back on the year at this time, but we also take the opportunity to...

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12. February 2018

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Andreas Urs Sommer, a Swiss philosopher, wrote an article for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung entitled “Values are Negotiable,” in which he advocated self-aware value relativism. In it, he stressed that values are not a set of concrete rules, but something that can be altered time and again according to individual and social requirements. The change in the importance afforded to certain values helps us to understand which issues are of particular concern to German citizens. For years, security has been the leading value in the survey we conduct almost every year on the changing significance of values. However, recently, the importance of security has decreased slightly, while other values such as performance and competition have gained in popularity. Despite this, social values such as responsibility and trust still place highly among Germans. Read more about this in our latest FocusTopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Population in Europe ...

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Manfred Carsten/ Fashion shopping online

October 2017

Manfred Carsten, head of E-Commerce at Betty Barclay Group, talks about the conflict area of physical and online stores as well as about crucial elements behind successful online operations in the fashion industry.

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