GfK Academy

GfK Academy – Broadening Horizons

With the founding of the GfK Academy in October 2005, the GfK Verein established an institution of continuing education which imparts practice-oriented knowledge on all relevant areas of marketing for market researchers and marketing experts.

From Azercell to Heineken and Bambi Banat to Zalando – top domestic and international companies send their employees to the seminars at the GfK Academy.  Participants praise above all how international the participants are, the intense discussions and the exchange of experiences. The seminars open up new perspectives for them and the insights gained can be immediately implemented in practice. Each session deals with current case studies, which is supplemented by the experience of the practitioners themselves. “It's a great opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Analyzing the example cases sharpens your thinking and your approach to complex issues,” said a participant in summarizing his experience.

More than half of the participants in the three-day seminars are managers with at least ten years of practical experience or more. Every industry is also represented – the automotive industry, health care, consumer goods, technology, services and trade.

Seven seminars on topics such as strategic brand management, innovation management, and digital marketing strategies take place each year.

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The renowned lecturers at the GfK Academy are active in universities and business schools in the US, Asia and Europe.