The GfK Verein carries out fundamental research and regularly conducts studies on the relevant consumer-related issues.

The Verein determines and assesses developments in the markets, as well as trends in consumer behavior, academia and society.
In addition, the GfK Verein seeks and maintains partnerships and exchanges with national and international research institutions and universities. It develops new market research tools and optimizes existing methods.

Research – At the Heart of What We Do

Contact us for further information: hello@gfk-verein.org 

Fundamental Research

The main task facing GfKs Fundamental Research department (GfK Grundlagenforschung) is to assess current trends within research and society of potential relevance to consumer research and marketing, or which will become relevant in the near future. The process involves pioneering statistical appr...

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Working Paper Series

The GfK Verein Working Paper Series supports early sharing of new market research knowledge. Working papers reflect work-in-progress and are published to enable the rapid evolution of market research knowledge...

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The GfK Verein publishes key studies and analyses on current topics of market research in their membership newsletters. These are distributed twice and sometimes thrice a year. They convey solid scientific insights gained in the GfK fields of research and most of them are published exclusively fo...

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Overview Studies

Neben den regelmäßigen Studien führt der GfK Verein  eine ganze Reihe an weiteren Studien durch. 

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Close cooperation with academic institutions makes it possible to act quickly on new findings and trends. Consequently, the GfK Verein works with universities and institutions, thereby strengthening its research expertise. These partnerships are always closely linked with market research

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Archives of Studies

Following the establishment of Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung e.V. in 1934, the GfK Verein began conducting the first studies for companies and organizations as well as on its own behalf in 1936. By the start of the 1980s, over 5,000 studies had been carried out covering from product and image...

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List of Publications


Here you can find our papers in a chronological order. You can also find some of these papers in the respective research sections. 



Harzig, P., Brehm, S., Lienhart, R., Kaiser, C., & Schallner, R. (2018). Multimodal Image Captioning for Marketing Analysi...

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