Research spectrum

The main task facing GfK’s Fundamental Research department (GfK Grundlagenforschung) is to assess current trends within research and society of potential relevance to consumer research and marketing, or which will become relevant in the near future. The process involves pioneering statistical approaches, theoretical models and new survey methods.

In addition to its own studies aimed at assessing these new approaches and its collaborations with market-research users, GfK Fundamental Research is also cooperating closely with academic institutions. This can take the form of joint research projects or the supervision of projects and dissertations. One of the aims in this regard is to develop new market research instruments out of highly promising research trends.

Virtual Reality (VR)

With the advent of more and more consumer products capable of VR, it is high time to explore the potential this technology has to offer for marketing and market research. VR and AR (Augmented Reality) offer a high degree of experimental control, which is very desirable in many market research stu...

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Capturing Emotions

The GfK Verein has developed two innovative methods to measure consumer emotions: GfK EMO Scan and GfK EMO Sensor. In addition, emotions expressed in the voice are targeted in a new development project.

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Decision Processes

Analyzing and forecasting purchase decisions are central themes in market research. The most important market research process for the development of products and services is conjoint analysis, which allows preferences for individual product components to be determined. Previously, however, no co...

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Market Models

Gauging the effects of price adjustments and promotions is of key importance in terms of safeguarding a brand’s profitability. Market models trace the link between marketing mix and brand turnover.

The GfK Brand Simulator is a market analysis model for predicting the effects of different m...

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Behavioral Economics

There is often a surprising discrepancy between self-evaluation, theoretical predictions, and actual behavior. Experimental studies in behavioral economics underscore this reality. In two international projects, the GfK Verein is researching relevant issues together with cooperation partners.

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Social Media

The Internet and social networks like Twitter and Facebook are essential to communication today. How people interact via these media is also important for marketing and market research. The GfK Verein develops tools to better understand consumers' social media activities.

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Agent-based Models

Agent-based models allow the simulation of purchasing and decision-making behavior of consumers. The GfK Verein is currently developing a software prototype specifically for use in market research.

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