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The GfK Verein is a non-profit organization and sees itself primarily as an organization to further the fundamental knowledge required to research markets worldwide.

According to the articles of the association, its activities are carrying out fundamental research, close cooperation with scientific institutions, particularly with the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuernberg and the training of market researchers.


As a think tank for market research, the GfK Verein relies on the innovativeness and commitment of its team. Its employees are characterized by diverse qualifications and specialist knowledge.

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Three committees steer the activities and strategy of the GfK Verein. The general assembly, the Executive Board and the Members’ Council.

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Articles of Association

  Articles of Association I. General Provisions

§ 1 Purpose of Association

The purpose of the GfK Verein is to engage in domestic and international consumer, market and sales research of both a specific and general nature in all areas of business, and to analyze the results for academic and p... Read more

Members Index

550 members support the GfK Verein. Members are generally companies or, in a few exceptional cases, individuals

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The GfK Verein was founded for the purpose of advancing market research. Today it does this through its cooperation with scientific institutions, its support of the training and further education of market researchers, the publication of studies and the GfK annual conference.

Members may b...

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GfK Verein and GfK SE

With its 56.4 percent stake, the GfK Verein is GfK SE’s majority shareholder. As a responsible majority shareholder, the GfK Verein is committed to enhancing the value of the company in a sustainable fashion.

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The GfK Verein has received numerous awards for its research work ...

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The establishment of the GfK Verein marks the birth of market research in Germany.

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