Research Groups

Our three Research Groups are working on understanding how human behavior and decision making in markets is changing, both from the perspective of consumers and managers in companies. We strive to understand how changes in technology, human habits and new ways of interacting with data will change how markets work, which insights about markets become more relevant, and how the quality of decisions can be improves. To do this, we work in interdisciplinary projects across the three fields of Behavioral Science, Data Science and Future & Trends research. 


Markets consist of individual decision makers and are shaped by their behavior. Our Behavioral Science research group strives for a better understanding of the behavior of market participants, consumers and corporate decision makers alike. Our research activities center on the decision-making pro...

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In our research group, we are interested in analyzing and developing concepts, methods and tools to understand and help improve decision making processes.

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The Future & Trends research group strives for a better understanding which technological and societal trends are most likely to lead to disruptive changes on human decision-making in markets and to explore what these could mean for market insights and making better decision​s.

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