The Future & Trends research group strives for a better understanding which technological and societal trends are most likely to lead to disruptive changes on human decision-making in markets and to explore what these could mean for market insights and making better decisions.

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Holger Dietrich

Holger Dietrich really enjoys seeing science applied to real life. Especially if it is possible to apply new findings from various disciplines to improve markets.

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René Schallner

As data scientist and part of the Data Science and Future & Trends Research Group of the GfK Verein, René Schallner researches methods for gaining marketing intelligence from social media pictures, together with Dr. Carolin Kaiser.

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Birgit Stoltenberg

Birgit Stoltenberg's main focus is on mathematical models, statistical methods, optimization, algorithms and automated data processing

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Dr. Matthias Unfried

Matthias is economist by training with a strong focus on microeconomics. Hence, his main field of interest are economic decisions and the related behavior of market actors. Especially the question what drives – and probably biases – individual decisions is in the focus of his research.

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