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August 2018

Anyone wanting to market a new product to the general public 100 years ago would have had only a few media channels at their disposal: The radio or television had yet to be invented, meaning that billboards, signs or posters stuck to the cylindrical advertising columns – such as those invented by Ernst Litfaß – were the only options available. In...

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01. August 2018

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Focustopics present survey and panel results from market and consumer research in selected short articles.

The Headline section gives you an overview of links which lead to different pages with thrilling information published by the GfK Verein. 

In Blitzinterviews, we ask Verein members and experts for their opinion on different topics. 

Under the heading Outlinedata you find helpful links to open source statistics relating to society and consumption.


“Social media is going nowhere; it isn’t some passing fad. You need to go to your customers: Get involved in social media.” This quote is attributed to Lori Ruff, a social media expert, and was reproduced for various online sources. It is certainly a worthwhile piece of advice. Social media is not simply a transitory craze that will disappear again. Social media is also not just any other media channel. There are different rules of engagement here. Users of social media channels are not only mere recipients, they are now also active participants in the world of advertising. They hold their purchases up to the camera or pose with products, and in doing so they contribute – in an ideal world – to increasing brand recognition and projecting a positive image of the brand. New methods can now be applied to ascertain exactly where and in what context brand images are being shared on social media platforms. You can discover more about this in the latest Focustopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Global statistics

How many people live in countries all over the world? How has the number of inhabitants developed over time? Which other developments can be observed? Some institutes and public bodies issue publications, data and diagrams:

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Christine Kittinger/Brand risk matters

May 2018

Dr. Christine Kittinger-Rosanelli of the GfK Verein talks about the contents of the latest issue of the Marketing Intelligence Review. It is all about 'brand risks'.

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