Purchasing power and online potential: regional budget levels

May 2018

How much money do you intend to spend on vacations this year? How much rent do you pay per month and what do you set aside for savings, clothes, food and drink and leisure activities? Of course, the answers to these questions are very diverse – depending on life situation, personal preference and priorities – and naturally, also on income....

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01. June 2018

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“Urban – rural – frustration: how will we live in the future?” This illuminating article from ZDF discusses the pros and cons, current issues and new perspectives of what is currently a hot topic: urban living versus country life with the typical advantages and disadvantages associated with both. While we have not compared the advantages of towns and cities with life in other rural areas (and vice versa), we have carried out a detailed investigation of the purchasing power and online potential of selected major towns and cities and rural areas in their vicinity. We found differences not only between urban and rural areas, but also between northern, eastern and southern regions of Germany. The latest Focustopic sheds greater light on the differences between regions and how they differ from the average for Germany.


Global statistics

How many people live in countries all over the world? How has the number of inhabitants developed over time? Which other developments can be observed? Some institutes and public bodies issue publications, data and diagrams:

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Christine Kittinger/Brand risk matters

May 2018

Dr. Christine Kittinger-Rosanelli of the GfK Verein talks about the contents of the latest issue of the Marketing Intelligence Review. It is all about 'brand risks'.

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