Global challenges 2018

November 2018

If you were to type the keywords "challenges” and "global” into an online search engine, you would come across a whole host of hits. Reports from international not-for-profit organizations, businesses and governments deal with current global concerns from an array of different perspectives. For many years, the GfK Verein has also been asking...

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01. November 2018

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Do you remember? It was a hot topic for many years: In 2006, 80% of Germans saw unemployment in their country as the most urgent problem for the government to solve. Today, more than ten years later, this figure is only 12%. Instead, the issue of immigration/integration is playing on most Germans’ minds. So, every era has its challenges; observing and documenting them is an exciting and informative task. It is a mission which the GfK Verein embarked on 33 years ago. In addition, a study – which at that time went under the name "Die Sorgen der Nation” (concerns of the nation) – was launched in which 2,000 West German citizens were surveyed. Since then, the geographic re-search radius has significantly expanded: For many years, in many different countries and on all continents of the earth, we have been getting to the bottom of what people believe are the most important challenges for their home countries. You can discover in detail the issues concerning people in different countries around the world in our latest Focustopic.

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Statistics for Europe

How many people live in the European Union? How has the number of inhabitants developed over time? Which other developments can be observed? And what about other countries on this planet? Some institutes and public bodies issue publications, data and diagrams.

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Christine Kittinger/Brand risk matters

May 2018

Dr. Christine Kittinger-Rosanelli of the GfK Verein talks about the contents of the latest issue of the Marketing Intelligence Review. It is all about 'brand risks'.

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