Dr. Thomas Couronné

Head of Data Science

Thomas joined GfK Vereinin in 2016. He works as Head of the Data Science team. Moreover he is in charge of the international academic collaboration with our partner universities in Beijing and Pretoria, both for the educational curriculum and the Prosumer Decision Labs. In his previous roles, he has occupied several positions at the frontier between data sciences and social sciences, and has gained extensive experience in behavioral analytics and social computing from both academia and industry roles. He has a great interest in the “last mile” of the data science pipeline, ie. what can be called “human data interactions”, or transforming the data into relevant information and insights, to design a better choice architecture and understandings of the complex systems interlacing the digital and physical worlds.



[Journal paper]  Herrera-Yagüe, C., Schneider, C. M., Couronné, T., Smoreda, Z., Benito, R. M., Zufiria, P. J., & González, M. C. (n.d.). The anatomy of urban social networks and its implications in the searchability problem. Nature Scientific Reports, 5, 10265 

[Journal Paper] Discovering urban and country dynamics from mobile phone data with spatial correlation patterns. Roberto Trasarti, Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, Mirco Nanni, Thomas Couronné, Barbara Furletti, Fosca Giannotti, Zbigniew Smoreda, Cezary Ziemlicki, (2015),Telecommunications Policy, ISSN 0308-5961

[Book Chapter]  Modeling Human Behavior in Space and Time Using Mobile Phone Data. A.-M.O. Raimond · T. Couronné (Jan 2014) Theories and Simulations of Complex Social Systems, Volume 52 of the series Intelligent Systems Reference Library pp 31-42

[Journal Paper] Sobolevsky S, Szell M, Campari R, Couronné T, Smoreda Z, et al. (2013) Delineating Geographical Regions with Networks of Human Interactions in an Extensive Set of Countries. PLoS ONE 8(12): e81707. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0081707