Fernando Galdino

Senior Researcher Trend Research, Future and University Programs

Fernando Galdino is a senior trend researcher and explores the future of market research by examining digital trends and developing new scenarios.

Fernando has worked with several research, design and innovation firms helping organizations to better understand people, culture and trends, through the use of applied ethnography. He has created new concepts using methods like design thinking, and has helped to envision and design innovative products and services for Forbes 500 companies in various fields such as automotive, consumer electronics and digital services.

He has an interdisciplinary background in Industrial Design (University of Maringa, Brazil), MSc in Design Ethnography (University of Dundee, Scotland) and a post-masters in Smart Community Design and Management (University of Trento, Italy). He enjoys working as a design research and innovation consultant, connecting the dots from different fields of research into relevant insights.

Fernando Galdino speaks English, Portuguese and Italian and he is working on a challenging endeavour: To learn German.